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IP & Technology Transactions.

Redefining the



a modern approach to legal services



Choose a monthly subscription plan for your business's routine legal support needs, like 

on-demand consultations,

off-the-cuff recommendations, practical resources, and 

discounted project-based support.



Select from clear service options to prioritize your business's investments in legal support for larger projects, like developing custom transaction documents, setting IP/information policy, and managing contract negotiations.


Fixed Fees

Know what you'll pay and budget for your business's project-based legal investments with upfront fixed fees and flexible payment options. Ditch the billable hour to lessen financial uncertainty and stop surprise bills.



Experience an attorney-client relationship that's focused on client convenience, with easy processes, transparent policies, and digitized operations designed to meet the modern consumer's service expectations.

at the intersection of law & technology

Weekend Market

Tiers 1-2

✓ Search & Clearance Report

✓ Sponsorship Agreement

✓ Trademark Assignment Ag.

✓ Trademark Audit Report

✓ Trademark C&D Letter

✓ Trademark Consent Ag.

✓ Trademark License Ag.

✓ Trademark Reg. Application

Tiers 2-3

✓ Advertising Agreement

✓ Celebrity Endorsement Ag.

✓ Influencer Marketing Ag.

✓ M&A Trademark Review

✓ Product Placement Ag.

✓ Trademark Coexistence Ag.

✓ Trademark Security Ag.

✓ Trademark Sublicensing Ag.

Tiers 3-4

✓ Comprehensive Brand Guide

✓ Cross-Marketing Agreement

✓ Distributor Agreement

✓ Franchise Agreement

✓ Reseller Agreement

✓ Sales Rep. (Exclusive) Ag.

✓ Settlement & Release Ag.

Advertising &


committed to driving real value to clients 

"Today's law firms aren't cutting it. Too many companies are struggling to get the legal support they need, and too many leaders are left in the dark about their businesses' legal risks. This situation is intolerable. It stops innovative companies from achieving their potential and stifles our collective progress. Something needs to change in the legal industry to ensure all businesses can excel under the law.

I founded CoreServe Legal to make the law work for the modern dealmaker. I knew I couldn't do so using the traditional law firm model, because that approach is too comfortable with a status quo that just doesn't work for most businesses. I saw that idea play out firsthand while negotiating hundreds of contracts with different technology vendors and their lawyers. Time and time again, I felt business leaders' frustrations with common lawyer staples, like indirect guidance, vague standards, incomprehensible deal documents, and the notorious "billable hour." It became painfully clear that those common features outlived their usefulness to the client long ago (if they were ever useful to begin with). So, I knew I had to shake up expectations in order to change the legal landscape and promote new opportunities.

That's the inspiration for CoreServe Legal's intense focus on some key features, like straightforward guidance, clear service options, practical deal documents, and upfront fixed-fee pricing. Now, I hope to maintain that focus and leverage my extensive experience with intellectual property and technology transactions to define a new standard for client-centric legal services. I believe my clients deserve nothing less.

I am also excited to grow this firm to further the values that are important to me personally. Like most attorneys, I went to law school fully intending to use my education to promote the ideals of justice and equality and, like many others, I got side-tracked by the realities of law practice. With CoreServe Legal, I hope to get back on track with a values-driven practice, utilizing the firm's resources to promote community, diversity and entrepreneurship in the tech space with free resources and targeted service discounts (check out CoreServe Legal's value-driven discounts).

Thank you for taking the time to learn about CoreServe Legal. I'm excited to get to work for businesses like yours. If you're looking to refresh your business's approach to the legal side of IP and technology, reach out and let's upgrade your legal!"

- Parker


Parker N. Smith, CIPP/US  |  Founder & Attorney Lead  |

Parker is an attorney based in New Orleans, LA. He focuses his practice on intellectual property, technology transactions and related legal support for businesses. Before founding CoreServe Legal, Parker was Legal Counsel for a large health system, where he negotiated hundreds of IP/IT contracts.


To learn more about Parker's experience and qualifications, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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& improving access to great legal support

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