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Plan Features

Kickoff Activities

To jump start the subscription benefits, each subscription plan includes some kickoff activities designed to help CoreServe Legal better understand the subscribing client's goals, priorities, and preferences. CoreServe Legal then uses this information to tailor the attorney-client experience to fit the client's expectations and to help the client set priorities for investments in future legal projects. The aim here is to empower the client to make informed decisions about which legal services demand immediate attention and which legal services can be on the back-burner without too much risk.

Virtual Consultations

Subscription Plans include built-in virtual consultations to encourage consistent collaboration and guidance for the subscribing client's day-to-day operations. Subscribing clients will be able to reach out to CoreServe Legal without worrying amount high hourly charges for each phone call or email. In addition, dedicated virtual consultation units may be exchanged for other advisory services (like in-person appearances and written legal advice and recommendations) to meet a client's unique needs for the month.

Tier 1 Projects

Some Subscription Plans include a monthly allotment of new tier 1 projects to provide consistent improvements to the subscribing client's legal resources and operations. For example, tier 1 projects might include:

  • developing consumer-facing policies (e.g., SaaS Acceptable Use Policy)

  • drafting form contracts (e.g., HIPAA Business Associate Agreement)

  • negotiating transactions (e.g., Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs))

  • conducting employee trainings for topics related to IP and data protection

Subscriber Resources

Subscribing clients will periodically receive practical subscriber-only insights and resources during their subscription. These resources vary, but most are designed for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to inform the client's team about key legal developments

  • to update key intellectual property and data policies, strategies, and documents

  • to assist with efficient contract management

Subscriber Discounts

Subscription plans include additional discounts for project support services and out-of-plan advisory services. These discounts can be added to any values-driven discounts that a subscribing client may qualify for (subject to some limitations). Combining discounts in this way can add up to huge overall discounts on fixed-fee engagements, which are made possible by the increased efficiency gains from CoreServe Legal's consistent collaboration with subscribing clients.

Available Plans



$250 per month

(+$250 to start)

0 tier 1 projects

standard resources

5% discount



$1,250 per month

(+$550 to start)

  • kickoff resources

  • kickoff meeting

  • kickoff evaluation

5 std. consults

1 tier 1 projects

standard resources

10% discount

2 std. consults

  • kickoff resources

  • kickoff meeting



$3,750 per month

(+$1,250 to start)

  • kickoff resources

  • kickoff meeting

  • kickoff evaluation

  • custom priority plan

10 std. consults

3 tier 1 projects

premium resources

15% discount


  • kickoff resources

  • kickoff meeting

  • kickoff evaluation

  • custom priority plan

  • custom IP guidance



6 tier 1 projects

25 std. consults

$9,500 per month

(+$2,500 to start)

20% discount

premium resources

* Additional terms and conditions apply. Only available for approved clients. Stated discounts are for project support services only. Contact us to learn more.

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